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Collision Repair

Specializing in collision repairs for all makes and models, we excel in frame repair, straightening, welding, sheet metal replacement, and computer color-matched paint. No repair task is too big or small for our dedicated team. With partnerships with all insurance carriers and direct affiliations with top local car rental companies, we prioritize efficiency and convenience. Our free estimates reflect our commitment to transparency. Initiate the decision to restore your vehicle to its peak condition promptly. Choose Auto Body Express for a seamless blend of professionalism, precision, and passion for excellence in every repair service.

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Auto Painting

Embark on a journey of automotive refinement with our Auto Painting services, where we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled quality that surpasses expectations. From precision spot repairs to comprehensive paint jobs, our skilled craftsmen blend cutting-edge techniques with an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, transforming each vehicle into a work of art. Beyond restoring the original luster, our meticulous approach ensures that the outcome exceeds the discerning expectations of our clients. Choose us for a seamless fusion of artistry and precision, as we elevate your vehicle's visual allure with a passion for excellence in automotive aesthetics.

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Custom Paint

Elevate your vehicle's individuality with our tailored approach of custom paint service, where the possibilities range from meticulous pin striping to captivating candy colors and more. Our comprehensive offerings position us as a one-stop destination for all your customization needs. Collaborating with a cadre of skilled painting artists, we ensure a depth of expertise that transcends conventional boundaries, where each brushstroke is a testament to our commitment to providing a captivating and all-encompassing solution for your individual preferences.

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Towing / Shuttle / Car Rental

Experience seamless logistical support with our Towing, Shuttle, and Car Rental services. Collaborating with a diverse range of tow companies, we ensure prompt and efficient towing solutions tailored to your needs. Say goodbye to transportation concerns as we offer a complimentary shuttle service, eliminating the hassle of finding a ride back home or to work after dropping off your vehicle. Additionally, our commitment to your convenience extends to assisting you in securing the best rates for rental cars through our trusted nearby affiliates. Trust us to streamline every aspect of your automotive service experience, providing comprehensive solutions that prioritize your comfort and peace of mind.

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Fleet Companies

Auto Body Express excels in providing specialized services tailored to the unique needs of fleet companies, encompassing meticulous paint jobs and expert body repairs. Our commitment to precision and efficiency extends seamlessly to fleet management, ensuring that every vehicle under our care maintains the highest standards of appearance and functionality. Entrust us with the maintenance and enhancement of your fleet, and experience a seamless partnership that prioritizes quality craftsmanship, reliability, and a commitment to meeting the distinctive requirements of fleet operations.

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At Auto Body Express, your satisfaction is not just a commitment; it's a guarantee. Trust us as your premier destination for automotive repair and paint job needs. Our unwavering dedication to excellence, coupled with a commitment to customer satisfaction, ensures that your experience with us is marked by precision, reliability, and a level of service that exceeds expectations. Choose Auto Body Express for a seamless and trustworthy solution to all your automotive needs, where our commitment to quality stands as a testament to our professionalism and expertise in the industry.
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